Situated on the beautiful LaHave River, Harmony Health Centre is home to a diverse team of health care practitioners.

We offer assessment, treatment, counselling and education in self-care, exercises, nutrition and other lifestyle changes.

Our goal is to work together with you and your other health care providers to deliver integrated care and treatment planning.


Harmony Health is a vibrant centre and sustainable model for holistic health and wellness, integrating complementary practices with primary health care in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.


Harmony Health delivers holistic treatments for restorative and preventative health care. Practitioners collaborate to provide integrated client-care. We provide a physical space for trainings, classes and practices that promote health and wellness.

We communicate with other health service providers and community partners on the South Shore, to contribute to regional health goals and promote knowledge and understanding of the benefits of holistic practices.

Cooperative members benefit through client referrals, collegial support, enhanced market potential, education opportunities, cost and profit sharing.