Posted on Apr 30, 2021

Tera Marshall

Have you ever felt like you were never good at anything, floating from job to job, never truly connecting anywhere but knowing deep within, you were meant for something that really made a difference? That’s exactly how Tera Marshall felt prior to starting her career in Chinese Medicine. When attending acupuncture school and learning Five Element Theory, something just clicked, and it became glaringly obvious why none of the other paths in life panned out. This is her passion and life’s work. Completely drawn in to the ancient teachings and the mystery of life force energy, Qi, Tera quickly made connections to the natural world and the body. Qi like a flowing river can get backed up and create stagnancy, causing symptoms of pain and disease. Free-flowing rivers are important for humans and the environment alike. With conscious use of breath, intention, and a few acupuncture needles, Qi flow can be opened and the imbalance brought back into harmony. Knowing this compelled Tera to advocate for this ancient teaching and find new ways to deepen her understanding.

To strengthen her knowledge and sense of Qi, Tera furthered her studies in energy healing as a Reiki Practitioner, participated in breathwork classes, hosted and attended meditations, worked with Chakra balancing, immersed herself in the wisdom of the Gene Keys based on the I Ching, and journeyed deep into the work of Esoteric Acupuncture. From this, she’s developed a highly intuitive and tender approach to her practice devoted to giving her clients an empowered path back to wholeness.

Be well,
Tera Marshall, RAc