Please note Erica is maternity leave until further notice.
I became an Osteopath in part through my fascination and enjoyment of working with people and my interest in health, science, and art. After meeting my Osteopath when I was 14 years old in the UK for headaches after several serious operations, I was in enticed by the time, care and consideration taken to understand me as a unique individual with a history and life that reflected that.
After graduating with my degree from the British School of Osteopathy (London) in 2005, I moved to Nova Scotia. My family has strong links in Canada, and as a child, the beauty of Nova Scotia and its infectiously happy people overwhelmed me.
The art and science of Osteopathy is a fascinating life long lesson. I enjoy spending quality time with my patients to listen to and understand what changes they are aiming for in their health. Listening, examining and then problem solving which treatment approach, care and support they need, is a passion. I challenge myself that if I am doing my ‘job’ well, there should be no requirement for constant treatment.
I seek to learn as much as I can from others who work within health and wellness and often travel internationally to challenge my experience and skills in Osteopathy. I particularly enjoy treating women both pre and post birth. I support and work within our incredible healthcare network for the care of infants and children especially within Lunenburg County but also throughout NS, particularly with regards to structural issues like torticollis as well as other common problems like latching issues, and colic. I strive to bring each patient excellent care, based in a deep respect for each individual and their journey in improving their health
I have a great love of the outdoors. I find it important spending time peacefully within nature drawing and through gardening studying the lessons we can learn from the ecosystem that is around us, and how that relates to the ‘health’ we are attempting to adapt and improve within ourselves. Watching my daughter grow and spending quality family time with her and my husband, parents, friends and animals usually with good food and music is another portion of the foundation of my happiness.
After 12 years of running my own large clinic, I found the distractions of running a practice impeded my own health and my ability to become the Osteopath I wanted to be. I moved to Harmony Health Centre to join a like-mind group of healthcare professionals, who are driven to genuinely support members of our community towards improved health in a beautiful, safe and trusting space. I am excited to be part of the future of Harmony Health and thoroughly enjoy working with such a positive team in such a healthy environment.
Member in good standing
Nova Scotia Association of Osteopaths since 2007
Ontario Assocation of Osteopaths since 2005
General Osteopathic Council (UK) since 2005
Please note – I am not an Osteopathic Physicians or Doctor of Osteopathy, I was trained in a university that specialized in Osteopathic Manual Therapy with a regulated education. For more information please visit

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