The types of health problems that may be helped by naturopathic medicine include chronic diseases such as allergies, arthritis, depression, skin and digestive problems, as well as aging-related symptoms. Acute conditions such as colds and flu, headaches, and pediatric problems also respond well to natural treatments.

The practice of naturopathic medicine encompasses the whole spectrum of life, from what we eat to how we breathe, to how we process stress. The main therapies used at Harmony Health Centre are:

Clinical Nutrition

Here we examine the relationship between diet and health. Often dietary changes are recommended, as well as nutritional supplements

Botanical Medicine

Plants have long been used for healing and nutrition, and can be used in various forms such as teas, tinctures and freeze-dried herbs

Homeopathic Medicine

Based on the principle of “like cures like” homeopathic medicine was developed in the 1700s. Minute amounts of natural substances are used to stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities.

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Acupuncture and herbs are used to balance the flow of Chi (energy) through meridian pathways.

Lifestyle Counseling

Helping patients to make effective lifestyle choices.


Hot and or cold water is used to stimulate circulation.

Bowen Therapy

The Bowen Technique is a unique form of muscular repatterning. It works primarily through the nervous system on both structural and energetic levels. The technique is gentle, non-invasive and can be performed through clothing.

An initial consultation takes between one to two hours, which allows time for an in-depth medical history and physical examination. Some laboratory testing may also be done, whether in office or sent away. This allows me to understand the unique needs of each patient, so an individualized treatment plan can be developed.

After this consultation patients go home with recommendations to follow until their next appointment- this usually includes dietary changes, some supplements if needed, and homework, for example; relaxation techniques, exercise, proper breathing. Depending on the severity of the patients problem, follow-up appointments may be recommended from two to eight weeks later.